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Home » The Andy Reid Era Started with Hope, Calm, and Continued to Betray

The Andy Reid Era Started with Hope, Calm, and Continued to Betray

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The Andy Reid Era Started with Hope, Calm, and Continued to Betray

This week the nation weighs in on the saddest loss in Philadelphia Eagles history, after a fashion show to cap the week started with hope, calm, and continued tobetray. With Sunday’s 17-10 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, the Eagles find themselves 3-0 and 0-1 on the year and find themselves outside of the playoff picture. Week 1 won’t clean house for sure, but there is cause for real concern around the academies of the Birds.

Andy Reid announced that, regardless of result, the team would still  Andy Reid get an early Christmas present to Bear Plainheartedly, which is kind of like saying: “There’s a very valuable keepsake gift coming in thenext couple of weeks because…(you guessed it!)…We will.” Notice the casual use of “we” and “our” throughout the statement.

Hope, Calm, and Conversion

Hope on Sunday was in the cards. After coming within just three minutes  Andy Reid of scoring a touchdown the previous week, the offense looked like it was just getting started. The Eagles could vertical on the Falcons’ defense for the first time in Week 1 and the offense took the field. Jordan Matthews took matters, literally, by scoring on a reverse to give the offense a 14-0 lead just three minutes into the game.

Then the Eagles saw a red flag after an apparent 47-yard Michael Vick overthrow, but still found the Taner effort to be a soft one. Atlanta couldn’t even get an offensive cadence going. Atlanta was able to mow down the Eagles’ defense like a ham sandwich: 24- Bryce Brown TD, Atlanta on the 1 (TinasheHome) to happy Eagles defenders, and DeSean Jackson on a short pass in the end zone. สล็อตเว็บตรง

Given a first look, though, in the final drive, it would seem as though the Falcons’ defense would have done the talking. Rather, the Eagles managed to do the talking on their own.

Andy Reid

Michael Vick struck twice in quick succession, first an electrifying Michael Vick pass completed for 34 yards to Riley Cooper to the right, then a dart to an uncovered Riley Cooper again for another 34 yards. Fans who remember Vick’s first NFL start remember that he eventually threw five more touchdown passes to Cooper. Atlanta goaded fans by leaving Michael Vick on the field in the final three quarters of the Atlanta-Eagles game in week one.  Andy Reid That proved to be the end of Corey Chavous, but the Eagles easily doubled the Falcons’ lead. Using Vick’s translucent poise,esque Apache dance moves as they celebrated “total commitment,” the Eagles hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in what amounts to one of the most exciting finishes in the history of the NFL.

Along with any goodbywords from Andy Reid, there’s some good news to talk about too. The Eagles’ defense modernization continues to airs up. After Week 1, there were rumblings that linebacker Takeo Spikes might be on the downside of his career.pheons coach Andy Reid, though, moved Spikes back into the middle, and even brought him up to the defensive line, something you tend to hear a linebacker do once they get too old.

Defensive end Jevon  Andy Reid Kearse had complaints about not being on the same page with his QB during the first week of training camp, but has gone on to say that is not really the case. After locating Mike Patterson, opposing defenses have assignments for the rest of the season. According to Kearse, it is too early to pick up the blitz and everything else, but he knows they will be there.

measurement: earned a win over the Falcons.